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The Eyes Have It– Necklace models

Rumblemumbles shouldering the job of modeling the string of black beads loaned to me by Maria who works with me and designs and sells her own jewelry. I like the way it softly fades away on the sides and the flash reflection in each bead. From the thumbnail, they look ...

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Tapestry Diary April 19, 2016 At work: punching holes into a new text version – Weaving Holes diary tapestry duty room new version Brooklyn punch holes, black holes weave holes non-holes deleted !!! Rote Bar Subject to change– Halskette

Kurt Tucholsky: „Sociological Psychology of Holes“ Reinhard May and Rainhard Fendrich sing: „Hole in the jug„(youtube) Part of: „Weaving Diary Tapestry action diary carpet tapestry diary weave 365 days project 2: 2015 2016„April 19, 2016: Loch timeline chronological sequence golden thread golden thread: 1. 1. – 17. 1. red thread ...

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Jewelery– jewelery

Jewelery jewelery , Fashion , Dress , Old City , Jewelery , Shops , Spring 2010 , Nablus , Kalimatna Initiative , West Bank , Palsetine , Alternative Education , Youth Empowerment , TYO

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Creation 126 necklace– Halskette

Heart pendant Istria The name “Istria” was borrowed from this definition because of its blue-green dominance and its clear heart shape. sonialietz.com/kreation-126-halskette/ Halskette , Schmuck , Halskette , Fimo , Clay , jewellery , Polymere , handmade , Istrien , blau , grün

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