Gift packaging / biscuit packaging– Geschenkverpackung

Geschenkverpackung / Keksverpackung

Today I will show you a variant of our new paper tags with two examples with our new packaging – the packaging (brown box and white blank container) will be available in the shop in the next few days.

This packaging is actually for cold as well as hot dishes such as B. Salads, curries, pasta, rice, etc. – but is also suitable as a gift box. See for yourself.

If you want, you can use it for gift packaging as well as for cold and hot dishes (the packaging is coated on the inside) – is nice and spacious with the dimensions: 16x14x5cm

We have now used the packaging as a gift packaging and pimped it up with masking tape and satin ribbon in shades of blue – we have stamped our new elongated paper tags with our elongated motif stamp For / Von with a wave edge and attached them to the parcel. Finished 🙂

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