Green Arrow #7: Time Runs Out– ear piercing

Green Arrow #7: Time Runs Out

I wake up, to the sound of someone singing.. Or at least, humming. Looking around, I find myself in a room I don’t recognize. To my left, is the woman I saw before I blacked out. Short blonde hair, with a domino mask covering her face. Dressed in black costume, with gold accents throughout. She’s pretty easy on the eyes too. I could get used to this. On the other side of the room, is a man dressed in a black leather jacket, with the word fairplay written on his sleeves, sitting behind a computer screen. Noticing I’m awake, the woman stops humming. Tilting my head, I notice bandages wrapped around my body, covering my recent injuries. Though, surprisingly, I still have my hood and mask on.

„Where am I? And what happened to Clock King? Last thing I remember is having him pretty much signed, sealed, and delivered to the police, before I got pricked by something..“ I recall.

„You’re in a safe place. That’s all you need to know, at least, for now.. As for the ‚Clock King‘, he fled the scene before police arrived.“ The woman responds, as the man taps on the computer keys.

He what? “ My voice rises in volume, frustrated that yet again, the perp gets away. First my dad’s killer, now this Clock King..

„Well it was either I save your life, or go after him. So I chose to save your life.. Though, I’m starting to regret that choice now.“ She muses.

„Save my life? I was doing just fine..“ I grumble.

„Sure you were, Robin Hood.. I wouldn’t call you collapsing fine. Also, that prick you felt? It was Curare.“ Her tone, suddenly shifting.

„Lethal poison that results in asphyxiation, I’m familiar with it.. What was it that you used to cure it?“

„Mostly a mixture of mystical herbs. I’m no doctor though, so I couldn’t tell you the name of the herbs, even if I wanted to.“

„Mystical herbs, that’s a new one. So does my pretty bird here have a name? Or am I just gonna have to keep calling you pretty bird? I mean, it does have its charm. Rolls off the tongue quite nicely too.“ There’s a long pause, before she speaks up.

„Black Canary. And that over there, is Mr. Terrific.“ She says, completely ignoring my compliment, while pointing over to the man dressed in the fairplay jacket. Guess my games a little rusty.. Note to self, that’s what happens when I’ve been isolated from society for far too long!

„Mr. Terrific? A little full of yourself with a name like that, don’t you think?“ I say with a laugh, sitting myself up. It hurts, to even laugh, thanks to all the cuts and bruises.

„I could see how you’d get that. But I actually didn’t choose the name.“ Terrific replies, shrugging his shoulders.

„If you say so.. So anyways, how long have the two of you been in Star City? I feel like if you’ve been here longer than a few weeks, I would’ve heard at least rumors.“

„We don’t stay around long enough for anyone to really notice us. Besides, I mostly operated in Bludhaven, until a few years ago. Coincidentally it was right around when me and Mister Terrific here ran into each other first, taking down Pinball Wizard, Bad Penny, and Printer’s Devil in the process. Kind of—“

„Sorry to interrupt this lovely divulging of trade secrets and all, but I got a hit on Clock King.. He’s at the old Star City Clocktower.“ Terrific mentions, interrupting Canary mid sentence.

„But I thought he got away?“

„He did, technically.. But we managed to tag him with a tracker before he got too far away.“ I notice Canary smirk for only a second, before it quickly fades.

„Could’ve said so earlier.“ I mumble, just loud enough for them to hear me.

„You’re right, I could have. But I’m still not sure we can totally trust you. Actions speak louder than words, and while taking down Anthony Venza was a good start, you’ve still got a long way to go. Anyways, I’ll be back later.“

„There’s no way I’m sitting this one out!“

„You’re still recovering, so you’re staying put.“ She insists, before she starts walking out of the room we’re in.

„Yeah, well, I’ve never been known as one to follow rules. So I’m coming with.“ I say with a smirk, before slowly getting up and off the table I was lying on, groaning as I move each muscle, trying to catch up to her after putting on the rest of my costume. Canary quickly looks over at me, as though she’s going to say something, but stays silent, and sighs a few seconds later.

„Fine, whatever. Let’s go.“

„I think I’ll sit this one out. It would be overkill to have all three of us there. Besides, I have some work to do here.“

„Suit yourself!“ Is all I say in response, before me and Canary make our way out, heading towards the old Star City Clocktower, on bike.

POV Switch

The grand total for today’s heist is fifteen thousand dollars. Which is not nearly enough for Bev’s transplant. If I don’t get money for her lung transplant soon, she’ll die. Why did that Hood have to go and ruin everything? He doesn’t realize the consequences of his actions. She’ll die, because of him. I don’t have much time left myself, but I will do everything I can for her. Otherwise, what good am I?

It’s then, that I hear a crash sound, as though glass is breaking. Sure enough, it’s him again. The Hood. But this time, he’s not alone. A masked blonde stands with him against me. Something about her seems familiar, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time to place where from. I have to get out of here, now. I raise my gun at them, about to fire, when suddenly, there’s this ear-piercing scream, which is enough for me to drop the gun, falling onto my knees. I notice that an arrow was fired as well, but whatever this scream is, redirected the arrow.

„Hey, I would’ve had that!“ The hood remarks, as he prepares another arrow. The blonde stays silent, as she walks towards me.

„I surrender! Please! My sister Beverly needs this money!! Without it, she’ll die! I don’t care what happens to me, just please, help her..“ I beg, knowing I don’t stand a chance against the both of them.

„We’ll do what we can for her. But you know this isn’t the right way. She wouldn’t want you stealing from others, just to save her.“

„I don’t want to lose her.“ I can’t help but cry at the thought of Beverly dying.

„I know you don’t. But sometimes, death is out of our control.. No matter what we say, or do.“ The blonde responds, her voice trailing off. I don’t hear what’s said next, as my vision goes completely black. Well, it looks like my time is up.

ear piercing

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