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Weißes Gold und KriegDear Journal,Dawn is that one mysterious moment where time embraces a peculiar, yet comforting, stillness found in no other part of the day. Nowhere is this stillness more evident than in the normally bustling streets of the great city of Fagimburg. It’s winding, cobblestone roads are peaceful and quiet, all but for one noise, the trotting of my leather boots. I arose early today, Dear Journal, so that I may quickly deliver my valuable cargo unnoticed. And as the lavender skies turn to orange, and then to teal, the great spires of the library of St. Ablasterio came into view. The name library, in my opinion, is insufficient for, in this great structure, there is also a chapel, a university, an opera house, and most importantly for me, a well-guarded museum.Through the walled gardens, on my way to this museum, I happened upon Brother Boris and Brother Martin. After an exchange of friendly greetings, and in my eagerness to dispense of the ancient treasure map that nearly cost me a bullet to the head, I unceremoniously presented the brown paper package tied up with string to the pair of priests.“It is a white gold 24 carat tablet of ancient origin,” I informed the priest. ”And gentlemen, under no circumstances is my name to appear under this donation. It must remain anonymous.”Brother Boris was the first to speak up, “Why, bless you, Mr. Zenas! I’m sure your boundless charity will be repaid in full, for good deeds never go unrewarded. We will keep it safe despite the encroaching dangers of war upon our realm.”“WAR!”, I exclaimed. “War with whom?”Brother Martin answered, “The northern colonies have been unsuccessful in their bid for independence. And in his anger, His Majesty has sent his third and fourth fleets to subdue the resistance as quickly as possible.”I bid the holy men adieu. With my task finished. I departed the library with a heavy heart. A young experienced sailor like myself, who had also served in the Royal Navy was ripe for the draft. But for now, I shall not delay in visiting my Uncle and shall write again as soon as I am able.Until then,~Zenas Abbington

Liebes Tagebuch, Die Morgendämmerung ist ein mysteriöser Moment, in dem die Zeit eine eigenartige, aber beruhigende Stille einnimmt, die an keinem anderen Teil des Tages zu finden ist. Nirgendwo ist diese Stille so deutlich zu spüren wie in den normalerweise belebten Straßen der großen Stadt Fagimburg. Es sind kurvige, kopfsteingepflasterte ...

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Herbstsonnenaufgang In YosemiteI have been wanting to make a trip up to Yosemite during Autumn ever since purchasing "The Four Seasons Of Yosemite" by Mark Boster a couple of years ago. I had also just recently seen a photo by Michael Frye showing the sun coming up much further to the South of Half Dome giving some wonderful side light to the trees along the Merced River and I knew that there would only be a few weeks out of the year when you could photograph the light hitting the changing leaves from that angle. As Veterans Day fell on a Monday this year, it opened up just enough of my Fall schedule to allow me to make a quick overnight trip up to the park. I set off at 6 AM last Saturday and arrived in the park just after noon.The most amazing thing about this trip was….it was like visiting the park again for the very first time. The light and shadows were completely different than my last visit in June. In June, huge expanses of the park are completely lit by the sun for the entire day, but in November, the jagged peaks of the Cathedral Rocks and Sentinel Rock move continuously across the valley floor. In the Eastern part of the valley, only a small section will light up in the morning and then the sun is gone for the rest of the day. And the water levels were radically different. Yosemite Falls and stopped flowing completely and Bridal Veil was down to a thin wisp. The upside to this was that the river was almost impossibly still in several locations, creating an incredible mirror to the changing leaves of the Cottonwoods and Oaks along its banks.After a quick hour or so of shooting in the valley, I drove up to the trailhead for Sentinel Dome as Glacier Point road was still open. I had never been up to the top of the Dome before and was completely blown away by the 360 degree panoramic view of the park and surrounding peaks.After spending the night with some friends in Mariposa, I woke up at 4:30 AM and drove up to Glacier Point for the Sunrise. Again, I was amazed at the extreme change of angle of the sunrise. In June, the sun comes up almost directly behind Half Dome, but in November, the sunrise was FAR to the right, lighting Half Dome from behind. After shooting for an hour or so, I ran back to the car and drove back down the the valley floor. I was positive that I had waited too long to get my sunrise reflection shot of Half Dome, but as I parked by Yosemite Village and ran through the trees, it looked like I had shown up just in time. The trees along the Merced in that corner of Yosemite had just hit peak and the sun was still low enough to grab a bit of a starburst behind the larger firs and pines on the opposite bank.Although my time in the park was brief, I shot almost non stop while I was there as there was still plenty of color up and down the Merced River. I came back with over 2000 images and I’ll try to upload as many as I can over the next few weeks.If you had asked me three years ago if I wanted to shoot Yosemite during Autumn, I would have passed. Brown weeds, low water levels, no waterfalls…why make the trip? After shooting up there this weekend, I could not have been more mistaken. Between the changing leaves, pristine reflections, and completely different light and shadows to work with, I would highly recommend making a trip up there between September and November to ANYONE who is a fan of Yosemite National Park.NB: When I arrived at the location in the above shot, I was literally the only one shooting for a full 30 minutes. If not for Michael Frye’s book , The Photographer’s Guide To Yosemite I wouldn’t have known about this location at all. This was not taken from Sentinel Bridge, but from just off the overflow parking area of Yosemite Village. If you are trying to find this spot, park as far East as you can in the lot, walk through the trees, and you’re there.William McIntosh Photography | 500px | Twitter

Ich wollte im Herbst einen Ausflug nach Yosemite machen, seit ich vor ein paar Jahren „The Four Seasons Of Yosemite“ von Mark Boster gekauft habe. Ich hatte auch erst kürzlich ein Foto von Michael Frye gesehen, auf dem die Sonne viel weiter südlich des Half Dome aufgeht und die Bäume ...

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GelbThe streets of Dwarka, New Delhi are now bright shinning with yellow flowers of Sona Chura trees lined across the streets. The bright yellow colors stay only for few day before giving way to green leaves and truly a treat for the eyes.Common name: Amaltas, Golden shower tree, Indian Laburnum • Hindi: अमलतास Amaltas • Manipuri: চহুঈ Chahui • Tamil: கொன்றை Konrai • Malayalam: Vishu konnai • Marathi: बहावा Bahava • Mizo: Ngaingaw • Bengali: সোনালী Sonali, Bandarlati, Amultas • Urdu: املتاس Amaltas Botanical name: Cassia fistula Family: Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family) This native of India, commonly known as Amaltaas, is one of the most beautiful of all tropical trees when it sheds its leaves and bursts into a mass of long, grape-bunches like yellow gold flowers. A tropical ornamental tree with a trunck consisting of hard reddish wood, growing up to 40 feet tall. The wood is hard and heavy; it is used for cabinet, inlay work, etc. It has showy racemes, up to 2" long, with bright, yellow, fragrant flowers. These flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies. The fruits are dark-brown cylindrical pods, also 2′ long, which also hold the flattish, brown seeds (up to 100 in one pod) These seeds are in cells, each containing a single seed. A postal stamp was issued by the Indian Postal Department to commemorate this tree. Medicinal uses: The sweet blackish pulp of the seedpod is used as a mild laxative.Highest Position on Explore: May 21, 2011 #199

Die Straßen von Dwarka in Neu-Delhi leuchten jetzt hell, und gelbe Blüten von Sona-Chura-Bäumen säumen die Straßen. Die leuchtend gelben Farben bleiben nur wenige Tage erhalten, bevor sie grünen Blättern weichen und eine wahre Wohltat für die Augen darstellen. Volksname: Amaltas, Naturregenbaum, Indischer Goldregen • Hindi: अमलताअमलत Amaltas • Manipuri: ...

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Neue Trend Fiesta Halskette

* Seidige Halskette aus weichen Fasern in mattem Dunkelbraun mit glänzendem Orange, Lila, Pink und Kupfer. * Halskette aus weichem, seidigem Material in mattem Dunkelbraun mit glänzendem Orange, Lila, Pink und Kupfer. Posted by Made by BeaG on 2011-11-27 09:38:36 Tagged: , designed and made by BeaG , ontworpen en ...

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Braune und schwarze Keramik- und Silberkette

Diese Halskette wurde handgefertigt mit rotbraunen Keramikperlen, die mit schwarzen Glasperlen und Silberperlen und Anhänger akzentuiert sind. Die Schließe ist eine Karabinerverschluss aus Sterlingsilber. Posted by lauwil243 on 2010-07-31 05:02:05 Tagged: , jewelry , necklace , designsbylaurie , womens , fashion , accessories , handmade , ceramic , silver , ...

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Schaukel das Leben.

Ihr: Haar – Doux Kleid – Blueberry Ihm: Outfit – Mossu Posted by lnkxx on 2019-10-25 21:54:13 Tagged: , maitreya , body , Signature , Male , Female , Mossu , Blueberry , Dress , Angel , Skirt , Pants , Doux , Hair , Blonde , Brown , Swing ...

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