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Manchester Street Art

MANCHESTER STREET ART Posted by rossendale2016 on 2019-06-12 18:32:59 Tagged: , hygienic , hygiene , piercing , pierce , rings , ear , removal , needles , hot , cold , water , ocean , travel , naval , boats , boat , ships , ship , navy , sailoress ...

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Weißes Gold und KriegDear Journal,Dawn is that one mysterious moment where time embraces a peculiar, yet comforting, stillness found in no other part of the day. Nowhere is this stillness more evident than in the normally bustling streets of the great city of Fagimburg. It’s winding, cobblestone roads are peaceful and quiet, all but for one noise, the trotting of my leather boots. I arose early today, Dear Journal, so that I may quickly deliver my valuable cargo unnoticed. And as the lavender skies turn to orange, and then to teal, the great spires of the library of St. Ablasterio came into view. The name library, in my opinion, is insufficient for, in this great structure, there is also a chapel, a university, an opera house, and most importantly for me, a well-guarded museum.Through the walled gardens, on my way to this museum, I happened upon Brother Boris and Brother Martin. After an exchange of friendly greetings, and in my eagerness to dispense of the ancient treasure map that nearly cost me a bullet to the head, I unceremoniously presented the brown paper package tied up with string to the pair of priests.“It is a white gold 24 carat tablet of ancient origin,” I informed the priest. ”And gentlemen, under no circumstances is my name to appear under this donation. It must remain anonymous.”Brother Boris was the first to speak up, “Why, bless you, Mr. Zenas! I’m sure your boundless charity will be repaid in full, for good deeds never go unrewarded. We will keep it safe despite the encroaching dangers of war upon our realm.”“WAR!”, I exclaimed. “War with whom?”Brother Martin answered, “The northern colonies have been unsuccessful in their bid for independence. And in his anger, His Majesty has sent his third and fourth fleets to subdue the resistance as quickly as possible.”I bid the holy men adieu. With my task finished. I departed the library with a heavy heart. A young experienced sailor like myself, who had also served in the Royal Navy was ripe for the draft. But for now, I shall not delay in visiting my Uncle and shall write again as soon as I am able.Until then,~Zenas Abbington

Liebes Tagebuch, Die Morgendämmerung ist ein mysteriöser Moment, in dem die Zeit eine eigenartige, aber beruhigende Stille einnimmt, die an keinem anderen Teil des Tages zu finden ist. Nirgendwo ist diese Stille so deutlich zu spüren wie in den normalerweise belebten Straßen der großen Stadt Fagimburg. Es sind kurvige, kopfsteingepflasterte ...

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